一个仓库管理系统,登录不进去,出现一句the accountlivecom登录 is locked

报错:ORA-28000 the account is locked,什么原因?解决办法?_百度知道
报错:ORA-28000 the account is locked,什么原因?解决办法?
牛人啊,想不到你也做oracle数据库的东西了,英文写的那清楚还不晓得,死死锁了!使用pl/sql 用system用户以DBA身份登录运行下列代码即可alter user
我们会通过消息、邮箱等方式尽快将举报结果通知您。关于oracle***后出现的问题 ORA-28000: the account is locked! 怎么解决!_百度知道
关于oracle***后出现的问题 ORA-28000: the account is locked! 怎么解决!
刚开始我打错好几次密码就出现这样情况了!我的账户是scott 密码是 tiger这个问题我解决了
遇到这个问题的人很多,网上说的也很多但都没有描述的那么清楚 有什么用?下面我来告诉与我遇到一样问题的人怎么解决这个首先账号 用system
***最后不是有账号吗 密码吗
输入 ALTER USER (这里添被锁住的账号,例如我的是scott)scott ACCOUNT UNLOCK;就可以了!
用有DBA权限的用户或本地conn / as sysdba 登陆进行解锁命令:alter use
我们会通过消息、邮箱等方式尽快将举报结果通知您。oracle the account is locked 的解决方法_百度文库
oracle the account is locked 的解决方法
你可能喜欢the account is locked怎么解决_百度知道
the account is locked怎么解决
回答和翻译如下&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& :the account is locked&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& .帐户已锁定&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 。
我们会通过消息、邮箱等方式尽快将举报结果通知您。1, ORACLE SPATIAL Introduction ORACLE SPATIAL the support of GIS data is stored in Oracle Spatial data processing system is a powerful Oracle database, the core features, including the type used to store vector data, raster data, topology data types
http://database.51cto.com/art/437.htm After long study and Oracle Spatial geometry, then and share with you, after reading this article you are sure a lot of harvest, hope this will teach you more things. As traditional GIS technology has r
1, ORACLE SPATIAL Overview ORACLE SPATIAL is a powerful Oracle database, the core features, including the type used to store vector data, raster data, topology data types and sustained native data types. ORACLE SPATIAL allows us to deploy a multi-use
The past few days working on oracle spatial data related to the type of programming, the write select statement used in the SDO_GEOM.sdo_distance function, all had normal, but the recent demand data need to check out the grouping, then SDO_GEOM.sdo_d
In ArcGIS SDE storage through data to Oracle in a variety of storage methods: Binary Long Raw, ESRI's ST_Geometry, Oracle Spatial's SDO_Geometry so. Introduced here is mainly based on Oracle Spatial is stored. This is stored by the field geometry col
Two days began to engage in oracle spatial up. Said to be &and& it is because some of the previous year had been engaged, and now also to the database papers this child. In fact, my thesis, the main for GeoRaster this module, or a raster data. I
One, Oracle Spatial Profile Oracle support custom data types, you can use arrays, structures, or with a constructor function of the class to define your own object types. This object type can be used to attribute the column data type can also be used
Step1. Create a table, which shape is used to store spatial data CREATE TABLE mylake (feature_id NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2 (32), shape MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY); Step2. In user_sdo_geom_metadata table insert a new record, used to describe the space
Space layer: Oracle spatial to a single SDO_GEOMETRY column in the table of all objects as a space layer. (For example, customers in the location column of the table all the geometric objects are treated as a space layer.) Describe a layer of metadat
一. 何为maven坐标 Maven 定义了这样一组规则:世界上任何一个构件都可以使用 Maven 坐标唯一标识, Maven 坐标的元素包括 groupId. artifactId . version . packaging . classifier . Maven 内置了一个中央仓库的地址( http://repo1.maven.org/maven2 ),该中央仓库包含了世界上大部分流行的开源项目构件, Maven 会在需要的时候去那里下载. 二. 坐标详解 groupId 定义了当前 Ma
基本概念 Maven坐标为各种构件引入了秩序,任务一个构件都必须明确定义自己的坐标,而一组Maven坐标是通过一些元素 定义的,他们是groupId,artifactId,version,packaging,classifier &groupId&org.springframework&/groupId& &artifactId&spring-core&/artifactId& &packaging&jar&/packaging& &
2005, when it used this thing, but to complete the project and leave it at that time, did not record the number of operations, has spent about two days, recording about a simple application of the steps right. -- Build the test table create table tes
maven项目使用坐标的方式进行定位.让我们再回顾一下之前的pom.xml文件 1: 2: &!-- 3: 定义了项目属于哪个组,是用来标识项目的一个标志 4: --& 5: &groupId&com.heaven.maven&/groupId& 6: &!-- 7: 当前项目在组中的唯一标识 8: --& 9: &artifactId&helloworld&/artifactId& 10: &!-- 11: 当前项目的版本,1
- 1), insert the spatial index metadata insert into mdsys.sdo_geom_metadata_table (Sdo_owner, sdo_table_name, sdo_column_name, sdo_diminfo) values ('GWM_TEST', - user name index 'GS_DYNAMIC_GRID_P', - table name 'GWM_GEOMETRY', - space field mdsys.sd
搜索其他勿看 http://search.maven.org/ http://mvnrepository.com/
#include &ogrsf_frmts.h& int main() { OGRRegisterAll(); OGRDataSource *pogrDataSource = NULL; OGRLayer *pogrLayer = NULL; OGRFeature *pogrFeature = NULL; OGRGeometry *pogrGeometry = NULL; OGRFeatureDefn *pogrFeatureDefn = NULL; OGRFieldDefn *pog
http://www.cnblogs.com/clarkzheng/archive//678532.html 1, find the length of the geometric object format: SDO_GEOM.SDO_LENGTH (geom IN MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY, dim IN MDSYS.SDO_DIM_ARRAY [, unit IN VARCHAR2]) RETURN NUMBER; Or SDO_GEOM.SDO_LENGT
Maven 坐标有groupId,artifactId,packaging,version,classifier &groupId&com.x&/groupId& &artifactId&helloworld-1&/artifactId& &packaging&jar&/packaging& &version&0.0.1-SNAPSHOT&/version& (1).groupId,定义当前maven项目隶属的
1.为什么要定义Maven坐标 在我们开发Maven项目的时候,需要为其定义适当的坐标,这是Maven强制要求的.在这个基础上,其他Maven项目才能应用该项目生成的构件. 2.Maven坐标详解 Maven坐标为各种构件引入了秩序,任何一个构件都必须明确定义自己的坐标,而一组Maven坐标是通过一些元素定义的,它们是groupId,artifactId,version,packaging,class-sifer.下面是一组坐标定义: Xml代码 &groupId&com.mycompany.
1.为什么要定义Maven坐标 在我们开发Maven项目的时候,需要为其定义适当的坐标,这是Maven强制要求的.在这个基础上,其他Maven项目才能应用该项目生成的构件. 2.Maven坐标详解 Maven坐标为各种构件引入了秩序,任何一个构件都必须明确定义自己的坐标,而一组Maven坐标是通过一些元素定义的,它们是groupId,artifactId,version,packaging,class-sifer.下面是一组坐标定义: Xml代码 &groupId&com.mycompany.
看了这几篇文章: Maven入门指南(一) http://ifeve.com/maven-1/ Maven入门指南(二) http://ifeve.com/maven-2/ Apache Maven 入门篇(上) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/cn/community/java/apache-maven-getting-started-1-406235-zhs.html Apache Maven 入门篇(下) http://www.oracle.com/te
1. System: system table space, storage of information as follows A. table space name, control file, data dictionary, data file management information. B. program object definition information. C. All PL / SQL program source code and analysis code, th
Oracle Created (Default) Database Users by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator Overview During database creation, Oracle creates several default database users or schemas. This article attempts to provide some insight and explain each of these de
If in plsql developer in order to scott / tiger login prompt ora-28000 the account is locked. Solution: New Bahrain Oracle10g, the use scott / tiger test the following error message: oracle10g the account is locked oracle10g the password has expired
Case Four: Sql_trace Case for Oracle Diagnostics Description of problem: In many cases, we carry out database operations, such as drop user, drop table, etc., often encounter this error ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1. This prompte
1 choose to install the automatic installation, because of the time long forgotten user names, passwords, leading to now try a few default password and user name (the table with the default user name and password), have prompted an invalid user name,
Username Password Description See Also CTXSYS CTXSYS The Oracle Text account Oracle Text Reference DBSNMP DBSNMP The account used by the Management Agent component of Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor and manage the database Oracle Enterprise Mana
创建表空间和用户时,需要的时候竟然忘记了密码,试了好多次都没连接上,进而用户也被锁定,下面就教您处理Oracle默认用户的密码问题的方法,希望对和我一样情况的朋友们有所帮助 1.***时选择的自动***,忘了用户名和密码导致现在试了几个Oracle默认用户名密码後(表格中附带默认用户名及密码),都提示无效的用户名.密码, Username Password Description See Also CTXSYS CTXSYS The Oracle Text account Oracle Text R
正在看的ORACLE教程是:Oracle数据仓库的分层管理器解决方案开发者网络Oracle.摘要 本文描述分层管理器的原理.步骤.限制,并和Oracle数据仓库相结合实现了地学数据的有效存储.管理以及大范围数据的快速浏览. 关键字 分层管理器 元数据 快速浏览 前言 21世纪是信息的世纪,综合国力的竞争在很大程度上是信息的竞争,更是信息利用率的竞争.近年来,随着&数字地球&和&数字国土&战略的提出和实施,地学领域的海量数据飞速增长,数据的存储.分析.管理和处理变得日
正在看的ORACLE教程是:全新感受Oracle 9i. Oracle 背景资料 在介绍 Oracle9i 之前我们先介绍一些关于 Oracle 公司的资料,让各位朋友更多了解 Oracle. 1977 年,拉里·艾里森和Bob Miner.Ed Oates一起创建一家软件开发实验室(Software Development Laboratories).开发当时新型的数据库技术--关系型数据库系统,并将第一个产品命名为&Oracle&,意为&智慧之源&.1978年软
RedHat EL5 x86-64上命令行***Oracle 10g笔记 声明:本文中所描述的系统命令,未经特殊标示,均为&#&代表root权限,&$&代表oracle权限. ***前的准备 准备工作要用登录为root用户来进行. 选择***环境的语言 Oracle***时可以通过环境变量LANG指定***语言,如果Linux命令行不能显示中文,就要将语言环境设置为英语. 例如:export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 修改gennttab Oracle 10g在一些L
5.DDL语句 5.1 Enable/Disable/Validate/Novalidate 组合特性说明: 是否要求满足约束 Validate Novalidate 已有记录 新增/修改记录 已有记录 新增/修改记录 Enable Yes Yes No Yes Disable Yes No No No Validate确保已有数据符合约束: Novalidate不必考虑已有数据是否符合约束. 除非Novalidate被指定,Enable默认Validate: 除非Validate被指定,Dis
Maven坐标通常用冒号来作为分隔符来书写,像这样的格式:groupId:artifactId:packaging:version,如 mavenbook:my-app:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT:这个符号也适用于项目依赖,如JUnit的3.8.1版本可写成:junit:junit:jar:3.8.1. groupId:团体,公司,小组,组织,项目,或者其它团体.团体标识的约定是,它以创建这个项目的组织名称的逆向域名(reverse domain name)开头.来自Sonatype的项目
简介: 什么是POM? POM是项目对象模型(Project Object Model)的简称,它是Maven项目中的文件,使用XML表示,名称叫做pom.xml.在Maven中,当谈到Project的时候,不仅仅是一堆包含代码的文件.一个Project往往包含一个配置文件,包括了与开发者有关的,缺陷跟踪系统,组织与许可,项目的URL,项目依赖,以及其他.它包含了所有与这个项目相关的东西.事实上,在Maven世界中,project可以什么都没有,甚至没有代码,但是必须包含pom.xml文件. 概
0. 前言 Jason Van Zyl,在 Java 十大风云人物排行榜上或许会看到他. 这兄弟是干嘛的? 他就是 Maven 的创始人,人们都尊称他为&Maven 他爸&. 毋庸置疑,Jason 也是一个秃顶.James Gosling.Rod Johnson.Gavin King,你们可以告诉我为什么吗? 您曾经是否会遇到这些问题: 我们要开发一个 Java 项目,为了保证编译通过,我们会到处去寻找 jar 包.当编译通过了,在运行的时候,却发现 ClassNotFoundExce
作为一个程序员,很多时候都听到大家在强调学习新知识的三部曲:what.why.how,可是现实中往往很多时候大家都在亟不可待地反着走. 不懂三部曲是神马东西的,可参考这Google出来的首条:http://blog.csdn.net/program_think/article/details/3908713 我在学习maven的前面几天,就一直记着想出点成果,可是无奈maven的学习曲线确实陡了一点,在陌生的概念下产生的成果在内行眼里是如此不伦不类.我Boss就对我说了&你先别急着部署好这项目,
Nexus是一个强大的Maven仓库管理器,它极大地简化了自己内部仓库的维护和外部仓库的访问.利用Nexus你可以只在一个地方就能够完全控制访问和部署在你所维护仓库中的每个Artifact.Nexus是一套&开箱即用&的系统不需要数据库,它使用文件系统加Lucene来组织数据.Nexus 使用ExtJS来开发界面,利用Restlet来提供完整的REST APIs,通过m2eclipse与Eclipse集成使用.Nexus支持WebD***与LDAP安全身份认证. 来自&http:/
前言 Maven是一个项目管理工具,它包含了一个项目对象模型(POM),一组标准集合,一个项目生命周期,一个依赖管理系统,和用来运行定义在生命周期阶段中插件目标的逻辑. 我们可以利用Maven构建项目(编译.测试.打包.分发),还可以生成报告,生成web站点,并且帮助推动工作团队成员间的交流. 约定优于配置是一个简单的概念.系统,类库,框架应该假设合理的默认值,而非要求提供不必要的配置. (1).Maven *** a.去apache 网站上下载: http://www.apache.org/dy
Maven是什么就不用多说了,作为Apache下的顶级项目,Maven目前基本上已经成为Java依赖管理的标准,一个公开发布的项目,没有Maven坐标基本是不合格的--即使你使用其他工具,例如Ant或者Gradle构建.研究Maven主要是因为在上面吃亏比较多,最近刚好也有些定制的需求,所以就学习一下. 最近也观摩了一下我们公司首席架构师的一套代码,他的很多框架受到Maven的影响很深,从里面看到一些神奇的用法,也正好学习一下. Maven与Codehaus 介绍Maven前先介绍下Codeha
osc的项目演示平台,由于必须是maven项目,一些jar没有maven坐标,如IKAnalyzer2012FF_u1.jar,所以使用了scope为system,放在项目的lib目录,但是在演示平台启动后,涉及这些jar的类会编译错误,怎么解决呢? 日志中出现这样的警告信 息,'dependencies.dependency.systemPath' for IKAnalyzer:IKAnalyzer:jar should not point at files within the projec
introduction Maven是一个采用纯Java编写的开 源项目管理工具.Maven采用了一种被称之为project object model (POM)概念来管理项目,所有的项目配置信息都被定义在一个叫做POM.xml的文件中,通过该文件,Maven可以管理项目的整个声明周期,包括编 译,构建,测试,发布,报告等等.目前Apache下绝大多数项目都已经采用Maven进行管理.而Maven本身还支持多种插件,可以方便更灵活的控制 项目. 下载:http://maven.apache.or
http://andrewzhuyl.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!6BB22!177.entry PostGIS PostgreSQL object-relational database, increased the capacity of data storage management space, the equivalent of Oracle's spatial part. PostGIS biggest feature is consist
ORA-28000: the account is locked-in solution
18:51 ORA-28000: the account is locked The first step: Use PL / SQL, login name system, the database name the same, select the type of when to Normal revised to S Step Two: Select myjob, v
ORA-28000: the account is locked The first step: Use PL / SQL, login name system, the database name the same, select the type of when to Normal revised to S Step Two: Select myjob, Step Three: Select system, right-click click on
Oracle Case for diagnosis using Sql_trace Description of the problem: Very often, when we carry out database operations, such as drop user, drop table, etc., often encounter this error ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1. This prompted
1 Introduction Many people will encounter in the operating system rm out a large file, the file system to solve the problem of excessive, but And sometimes delete files, while the space has not been released. Forum posts often so common, why is it so
When we often operate Hp unix time, will meet in the operating system off a large file rm to solve the problem exceeded the file system, but deleted some files O'clock Hou, and while space has not Shifang out. Forum posts so often common, solution? T
ArcGIS 9.2 product launch later, Geodatabase part of the larger changes occurred. This workshop presented are the Geodatabase and ArcSDE 9.2 features. The product composition: 9.1 version, Geodatabase consists of two: Personal Geodatabase and ArcSDE
To close the database and listener shutdown immediate Then kill all the oracle process ps-ef | grep oracle | grep-v grep | grep-v ef kill -9 process ID And then extract the installation package is unpacked Disk1 folder to install the package into the
My PC has two databases, always in time with the sysdba oracle protocol adapter error will be reported, so when the first login with sysdba monitoring and oracle to ensure that services are open, you need to add in the cmd set oracle_sid = database n
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